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We help automate business processes

When we look at each part of a business process, we ask, What is the greatest benefit that could result if we involved technological tools? If the benefit be small, we don’t do anything. If the technological involvement be tricky, we don’t do anything. But if there be an easy way to make a substantial improvement, then we get to work. We want to create automations that can endure.

We architect mission-critical information systems

Database architecture requires that careful consideration be paid to a number of variables, including potential future needs of the system. A business’s data, a valuable and often critical resource, must be handled with rigour and attention to detail. We want to create databases that can expand.

We design and develop apps for iPhone and iPad

We are good at design and great at development. If you are looking for exceptionally aesthetic design, hire someone else: we create designs that are usable and functional. And we develop to an exceptional standard of quality, because if the app is to evolve, its code must be immaculately organized. We want to write a codebase that can grow.

We scrutinize

Our very disposition is for hire, of being organized, meticulous, rigorous, and analytical. We can readily spot problems in business processes, data flows, or user interface designs. We want to detect and stop problems before they grow costly.