Radicle blog / Making the blog preeminent

I had been struggling with how to organize this the company website, until a clarity descended upon me. The struggle related to a tug-of-war between what I intended to be creating, and the ‘way things are done.’ At length, I considered what is the purpose of a website at all.

The typical way to design a website is from a psychological context of trying to persuade or convince the reader: websites try to ‘capture’ attention, and a lot of thinking is wasted on how to not have the visitor leave. This felt off to me when I thought of how my own company’s website would be organized: in simplest terms, concerning any action I may take, I can either do the thing, or I can advertise doing the thing. The former is so much more enjoyable, and I am studying how to never have to do the latter.

To resolve the disquietude concerning the website’s organization, I connected with what I truly wanted: to do the work that I love, and to direct my activity so as to transform the industry. And transformation has to do with ideas. The way things are, the status quo, is an echo of old ideas. New ideas will destroy how things are, and while that may cause some palpitations among the incumbents, so long as we proceed in the direction of making things make ever more sense, what wonderful things we can build!, and humanity will be the beneficiary. So far as my own interest is concerned, it aligns perfectly with that of humanity.

Bearing these things in mind, that first I aim to do the work that I love, and secondly that the outcome I’m driving towards is transformation for humanity’s benefit, I have organized my site to harmonize with this philosophy. Therefore, the blog is preeminent, as it is the principal manner in which Radicle will promulgate important ideas. The ‘business’ side of Radicle take a back seat.

—Raphael Schindler
1 Jul 2017