Radicle blog / Notes on the paper, Mobilizing senior citizens in co-design of mobile technology

This paper emerges from Give&Take, a project to collaboratively design “an innovative digital platform that enables senior citizens to reciprocally exchange services and resources,” which endeavour:

The Give&Take project further explains:

“A shift from public care services to informal community support and civil engagement not only empowers seniors but also prevents dependencies and increased public consumption—several national and European projects have demonstrated how volunteering networks are defining new learning opportunities and ways to contribute to society. The senior citizens have untapped knowledge and experience, time and energy, as well as their own financial resources to contribute as citizens, volunteers, and particularly as workers and consumers”

More about the project: givetake.eu/about_2015/.

In this paper, the authors consider how to mobilize seniors to be involved in the designing of mobile technology. It is an interesting question: setting out to create and cultivate a sort of scaffolding for the creating of a community, how then to get people to inhabit that vision?

Let me say that I have not heard anything so promising in a long while, as the terms participatory design and co-design sound to my ear. The authors assert: “Participatory design and co-design processes with senior citizens require rethinking of conventional methodological approaches,” and this too is music to my ears.

—Raphael Schindler
1 Jun 2017