Radicle blog / Notes on the paper, Making Space to Engage: An Open-Ended Exploration of Technology Design with Older Adults

“Older adults are a growing demographic age group who have a low adoption rate of technology when compared to younger adults.”

Astonishing: “According to Charness, Fox, and Mitchum (2010), only 25% of people between 75 and 84 years, and around 5% of those 85+ years are computer users or have occasional access to the Internet.”

“The RtD [Research through Design] school of thought is increasingly gaining momentum in HCI [human-computer interaction]. In fact, RtD embodies a number of features (discussed below) which make it a strong candidate for conducting research on the design of technologies to be used by older people in their everyday life.”

—Raphael Schindler
29 Jul 2016